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 Michael J. Evans


As a successful entrepreneur and trader, Michael recognized the mindset and motivation needed to accumulate wealth was (and is) much different from the one necessary to preserve it. This is a lesson he saw many other professionals and entrepreneurs fail to learn. After seeing this pattern over and over, he knew he had to impact change. Michael never wanted to see preventable financial failure happen to anyone, ever again. It is for this reason he made sure that Cogent Strategic Wealth was independent, fee-only, and has just one purpose: addressing the wealth management needs of clients.

Unlike other advisors, decades of peer-reviewed financial research drives his wealth management philosophy. Like Michael, the research is compelling and reliable and this same Nobel Prize-winning research drives the very investment strategy which his family, his team and his clients use.

When you work with Michael you experience first hand his energy and enthusiasm as he gets to know you, your partner, your family, your goals and your most important dreams. Michael’s vast experience gives him a unique position to understand where you’re coming from and share a solution right for you.

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