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 Kelly Stanley

   Cogent Wealth Advisor  | CFP®

Being one of the small percentage of women who have a Certified Financial Planner(™), Kelly not only is required to act in her client’s best interests, she is vigilant about it. Life is busy, it always will be! But, if you have a reliable partner that makes your financial life a priority, you will discover what’s possible for you and your family. Kelly’s here to give you the diligent and relevant advice you need, so you can make the best decisions for you and those you love.

After years of working in corporate finance, she found herself longing to make a difference. Taking this next step required more education, extra credentials, and even accepting a drop in income - all while planning a wedding and starting a family. As a Cogent Advisor, Kelly works side-by-side with professional women going through similar experiences.

She knows, as a busy professional and mom, just how difficult it can be to make your finances a priority. Together you are able to structure personalized strategies for you to achieve your goals now and later while taking steadfast control of your finances. Kelly is excited to be that partner for you.  Life happens….be ready for it!

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