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What to Expect When You Contact Us

Let's start with a conversation over the phone. We are easy to get to know and love having Cogent Conversations with people who are motivated to simplify their financial lives. We will have a conversation about:

  1. What are you looking for in a wealth manager?
  2. How will a wealth manger serve your plans for your meeting your life goals?
  3. What obstacles have you encountered and what are your plans for moving forward?

We work best with families for whom we can truly make a difference in their financial future. If we agree together to continue our conversation, we will send you information about our firm and how to be prepared for the EXPLORE Discovery Meeting. 

EXPLORE Discovery Meeting - We will meet with you and your life partner in person or virtually and spend 1-2 hours to clarify your values, circumstances and aspirations. We will provide information on our process and relate our services to your issues.

    Cogent Course of Action Process

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