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Cogent Commentary



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Timely Spotlight on the Market's Peaks and Valleys

The longer the equity markets were on their record-breaking tear since February 2016, the more energetically many individual investors and the popular press alike had whipped themselves into a frenzy trying to determine just where the peak of this run would be, and what to do once they neared it. As Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Zweig said, “[T]he pain of a market drop depends not merely on its size, but on its steepness relative to recent experience."

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Perspective: Our Annual Year in Review for 2017

Overall, the view is quite pleasant for most global and domestic returns alike, even though few financial forecasters were predicting this sort of slam dunk at the outset of the year. Digging deeper into the heady, mostly double-digit 2017 stock market returns, there’s another important theme found in this year’s data: While the profitability premium was positive across most markets, small-cap and value premia often underperformed their large-cap and growth counterparts.

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