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Cogent Commentary



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Timely Spotlight on the Market's Peaks and Valleys

The longer the equity markets were on their record-breaking tear since February 2016, the more energetically many individual investors and the popular press alike had whipped themselves into a frenzy trying to determine just where the peak of this run would be, and what to do once they neared it. As Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Zweig said, “[T]he pain of a market drop depends not merely on its size, but on its steepness relative to recent experience."

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How Our Survival-Mode Brains Trick Us Into Poor Financial Decisions

We’ll wrap our series, the ABCs of Behavioral Biases, by repeating our initial premise: Your own behavioral biases are often the greatest threat to your financial well-being. Even once you’re familiar with the behavioral biases that stand between you and clear-headed thinking, you’ll probably still be routinely tempted to react to the fear, greed, doubt, recklessness and similar hot emotions they generate.

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