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Cogent Commentary



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How to Overcome the Top Financial Challenges Attorneys Face

There are few professions that demand as much advanced education and on-the-job proficiency as that of the attorney. However, many attorneys remain at a disadvantage when managing their hard-won wealth. Neither their college education nor their life’s calling provide the time and tools it takes to tackle yet another talent – i.e., managing their family’s financial well-being.

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Timely Spotlight on the Market's Peaks and Valleys

The longer the equity markets were on their record-breaking tear since February 2016, the more energetically many individual investors and the popular press alike had whipped themselves into a frenzy trying to determine just where the peak of this run would be, and what to do once they neared it. As Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Zweig said, “[T]he pain of a market drop depends not merely on its size, but on its steepness relative to recent experience."

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How to Make Rebalancing Valuable to You

If there is a universal investment ideal, it is this: Every investor wants to buy low and sell high. What if we told you there is a disciplined process for doing just that, and staying on track toward your personal goals while you’re at it? Guess what? There is. It’s called rebalancing.