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Cogent Commentary



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In Gratitude for My Most Painful Financial Lessons Learned

Ever since I founded The Cogent Advisor in 2010, I’ve tried to write at least one post each year, usually toward year-end, to reflect on life’s blessings and express gratitude to clients, friends, colleagues, and – most of all – my family. This year, I also want to express my gratitude for something a little different: the challenging life lessons I’ve learned about managing my own and other people’s money.

Wealth Management Family Dynamics
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Part 4 - ABCs of Behavioral Biases: Factors That Drive Lifetime Returns

Your own behavioral biases are often the greatest threat to your financial well-being. Things like favoring emotions over evidence – disregarding decades of evidence-based advice on investment best practices - can impede your investing success. Take a few minutes to cover this next batch of biases: overconfidence, pattern recognition and recency. Then you can more readily recognize and defend against them the next time they’re happening to you.

Investment Management Portfolio Management Behavioral Finance