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Let's dramatically simplify your complex financial life.

As a successful professional, you want to relish life today while preparing for a safe and satisfying tomorrow. You have an abundance of ideas. We take the time to listen – really listen – to help you achieve all that is possible for you. This is called our Cogent Conversation.

Together, let’s capture your stellar earnings and build durable wealth, connecting what you've worked so hard to accumulate with everything you want to accomplish in your life.

We take into consideration tax efficiency, risk management, legacy goals and more, to help you invest, protect, spend and transfer your personal wealth. Coordinating a team of specialized professionals, we design specific solutions to address challenges and develop a Cogent Course of Action that is unique to you and your goals.

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Our Mission

Our mission at The Cogent Advisor is to partner with successful professionals who are motivated to dramatically simplify their financial lives in this increasingly complex world, so that they may focus on the people they love and the activities that give them joy.

Cogent Commentary

  • Ten Ghostbusting Facts About Your 401(k) Plan

    It’s hard enough to invest successfully for retirement without paranormal myths and misconceptions haunting your best-laid plans. Along with the release of this summer’s latest “Ghostbusters,” BAM ALLIANCE’s Director of Personal Finance Tim Maurer did some ghost-busting of his own[…]

  • An Acceptable Level of Intolerance

    I like to think I’m a pretty tolerant guy, but if there’s one thing I’m proudly intolerant of, it’s when I encounter groups of so-called financial pros – more like financial thugs – ganging up on the little guy or[…]

  • Tax-Loss Harvesting in Inclement Markets

      In some alternate universe, there may be markets where nobody ever experiences any loss and every investment just keeps growing, 24×7. In our world, we know better. While markets are expected to climb over time, periodic downturns happen. When[…]





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